Wednesday, 5 August 2009


All evidence gathered by me in my capacity as serious investigatory journalist and commuter over the last several months point to one conclusion.

Certain Edinburgh buses (which shall remain nameless – although a main offender may have a route number that ironically rhymes with ‘late’) are allergic to water. By which I mean that when it looks like it could rain of a morning, they pretty much just don’t turn up.

This mightn't be so bad if my shoes were in any way waterproof. But they aren't, and neither is my head. The longest I have had to wait in the rain, in the times before I got a bus pass and still had to rely on having exact change, was 45 minutes. During that period, 5 buses were timetabled to go by.

What I want to know is, how has this defect not been picked up on by whoever supplies the vehicles? It's a pretty serious problem when whole buses are being melted away by mere H20. This is Edinburgh, for jimminy cry-eye. There's always the chance it might rain, any second, even though the sky is clear and blue without a cloud in sight.

Someone other than me is at fault here. I must find a scapegoat and pen them a stiff note. Or write something mean about them on facebook.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A haaandbaaaaaag?

Photo for a 'handbag study' undertaken by a friend researching design solutions that will integrate easily into your life. Mayhap this will give you insight into my psyche...