Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Everybody has a fringe at some point in their lifetime. I think there's some sort of law about it. But the way is fraught with peril, for that little curtain of hair only needs to be cut a teeny bit too short for you to look like a special child. This might be facilitated by your mum, or a hairdresser, or an accident with a lighter / school bully / piece of chewing gum. And when you trim it yourself (we've all been there) you will almost certainly do it squint on at least one occasion, which means that as you try to even it out it regresses ever closer to Dave Hill length.

Of course there are people who can pull off a very short fringe - very stylish indie chicks, mainly, and Beyonce - but I am not one of them.

When my fringe is cut too short - as happened the last time I got it done - I look slightly deranged. The combination of partially revealed forehead and too-straight hair is reminiscent of the pudding bowl cut, as in done by your mum using an actual bowl rather than you consciously deciding to create something chunky and retro.

These days I don't hold an allegiance to any particular hairdresser, and as such I've visited a number of salons in the city in a quest to find someone who'll do my do in a way that makes me want to commit.

I think it's fairly safe to say I haven't found it yet. This most recent time, I asked for it to be at eyebrow level and came out like David Sowerbutts in Psychoville. I also got charged extra for a deep conditioning treatment which the work experience girl left on for about two minutes.

OK, it wasn't that bad. If I straighten it, it even reaches the top of my eyebrows. And it's growing out a bit now.

But I'm still not going back. It's only my mad photography skills that prevent it having the appearance of an unconvincing wig.


  1. I always thought you suited your side sweepy fringe :)

    I don't think hairdressers can cut fringes. Or at least their idea of the right length and yours is never the same. I've been going to the same one since school and she cuts my hair really nicely, but always cuts my fringe too short. Only bright side is it usually grows out (quickly) into a nice fringe and I'd rather have a nice haircut overall.

    I only trust myself to cut my fringe properly and I use a styling razor to do it instead of scissors. Much easier! Which reminds me, I need a fringe cut and indeed a haircut. Over two years without one is a bit excessive, the hair that is, the fringe got the chop a few weeks back! xxx

  2. Well see, when it's just over eyebrow length you can side sweep it too. That is the best time for my fringe...

    I did once find a hairdresser I could have grown to love, in Perth, but she moved, then I moved. It clearly wasn't meant to be!

    Two years is quite a while, you should treat yourself! I'm trying to go about every 6 months, finances depending... It gets somewhat enormous and a-line if I leave it longer than that. Not sure why, it was pretty straight back in the old days.

    Is a styling razor easy enough to use? I have visions of slashing myself. Although then I could come up with a cool cover story making me appear all hard and that. xx

  3. Ahh, ditto on the fringe front, I chopped a blunt one last time, but it doesn't look right with my hair curly, so it was just the right length for sweeping.

    I'm sad, I followed my hairdresser from Gillespies in Perth, to Gillespies in Dundee, to her own place on the Perth Road. Which was wonderfully convenient for uni! I do need to go, it's gone from the perfect chin length bob/pob to half way down my back and somewhat shapeless. If it wasn't curly it would be even worst! With it, I can just get away with it once I've attended to the frizz.

    I can't believe I used to straighten it so much! I've grown to love my curls as I've gotten older and the colour. Though I've promised myself when I get it cut short next I'll get the pink streak put back in.

    Haha, nah! The razor has a comb guard thing on it, and it's so ridiculously simple to use, if anything I was more likely to gravely injure myself with the scissors! xxx