Saturday, 21 November 2009

News Roundup

If I were a newspaper, I might tell you:


It's still raining.

There’s a lot of horrible violence in the city, including kids beating up another kid and filming it, and man smashing in teenager’s head with golf club.

Stagecoach have had more funding for their hovercraft project. It’s going to go between Portobello and Kirkcaldy. Futuristic.

There are a couple of new club nights starting up at Jekyll and Hyde which you should go to. These are called Cryptonite and Club Sandwich.


"I saw that 2012. It was shite." – flatmate’s boyfriend


"I used to think that Henry was alright, decent player, quite honest. But now if I met him I think I'd actually be physically sick. All over his face." - (Irish) colleague on the footy.

But I'm not a newspaper, so instead of telling you the above information I will dance a little jig.

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