Friday, 27 November 2009

On a par with the driving test

This morning I had an interview for this job here. I really, really want it, not just because it would actually involve writing for a living a la the grand plan, but because it has the potential to be a really interesting, relevant, exciting project and I feel like I could actually contribute a lot to it. There are some gaping holes in news coverage in Edinburgh, and it'd be a mammoth task to fill a few of them in - but also one that would give a lot of job satisfaction, I think.

As is so often the way, I have mixed feelings on how I acquitted myself. Time restraints meant that I barely skiffed the surface of what I had to say, and nerves meant that I felt I didn't really represent on the first question. But I was super-enthusiastic (now concerned in case this may have been in the way that makes one's teeth itch, but hopefully just being paranoid) and The Guardian's head of Social Media Development did compliment my shoes, so there's nice. They are brilliant shoes, it must be said.

I don't hear till the end of next week, so considering returning to NaNoWriMo to distract myself. That and designing a mega-awesome leaflet advertising services for older people in the library, which we won't be able to print because the new computer booking system has disabled the printer. PURE BANTER ahoy, that's what.

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