Sunday, 14 March 2010


I am fed up of being ill. Today I coughed so much I somehow triggered my gag reflex and coughed up half a glass of water along with the expected phlegms. In a restaurant. A nice one.

In other news, if like me you often get asked to make promotional literature in a hurry, with no graphics software in sight, you can use pixlr. It's a basic photoshop style program that opens in your web browser, and you have the option to save stuff onto your computer or as a URL. The URL option proves useful when you happen to be on a work PC, because of course USB sticks are now password protected which means for unknown reasons you can't save anything onto them, and naturally on Sundays the intranet doesn't work so you can't get onto your staff email to send the file to yourself... that's not just me, is it?

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