Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I would like to blog a bit about the Fringe this year, but due to a combination of work and a student-like unwillingness to attend too many paid shows this is not as simple an endeavour as it could be. Nevertheless I will regale you with my charming noticings as I see fit, and maybe help you to develop a wider understanding of the festival from a resident's point of view rather than merely immersing yourself in coverage from The Scotsman.

Today, is is my duty to inform you that the Fringe has seen a definite increase in crocs about town. They're still rubbish, but you can't say it too loud for fear of slightly offending a tourist.

Fortunately, you are still within your rights to write about it on the internet in a needlessly vitriolic fashion. One chap has actually dedicated an entire blog to his croc hatred, which is entirely what the internet is for.

Having said that, I don't hate crocs proactively enough to dedicate an entire site to them. To be honest, it just happens I noticed from my bus t'other day that there are quite a lot around, punctuating the throngs of people dressed as gladiators and clowns and Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie of Aladdin with unattractive neon footblobs, and I thought maybe I would draw one.

I presume people wear them predominantly so they can be easily identified by other humans in their group, particularly children and old people (who are statistically proven to respond well to bright colours. I've no real evidence for that, but it is a fact.) Unless they're trying to join in with the festival atmosphere and think that forking out loads of money for horrible footwear will make them a bigger part of it. Along with speaking louder than everyone else, demanding the bus driver change fifty pound notes, and walking very very slowly so as to truly soak in the ambiance of the castle in the rain from north bridge.

I've heard it said (by me just now) that shoes maketh the man (or woman). Don't be that guy.

Or do, y'know, whatever. I don't really mind. And I've heard they're really very comfortable. Plus, you can stick little accessory things in those holes they've got on them, which is kind of like when you used to collect those things from cereal boxes to stick in the spokes of your bike back in the day. Awesome.

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