Sunday, 8 August 2010


In honour of the Fringe, I am developing a version of bingo based around the comedy series This Morning With Richard Not Judy which drew my family together in front of the tellybox as only one other show could (that show was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, bizarrely enough).

In this game, every time a player sees a cast member from TMWRNJ they mark off a square on their bingo card. Naturally it doesn't count if you've gone to see a solo show by one of the performers - it needs to be a spot in town whilst they or you or both are going about some sort of daily business.

So far gameplay is limited to me and as it goes, I am winning. I have seen Paul Putner (The Curious Orange), Kevin Eldon (Unusual Priest, Simon Quinlank, The Actor Kevin Eldon etc) and some crows that were almost certainly called Histor and Pliny. I considered inviting Captain Tact to join in, but he'd seen Lee and Herring before I even invented the game, and because I am concerned that they might warrant more points (having written the show), that basically makes him a cheater. Poor show.

In other news, as Free Fringe goes, you could do worse than A Calculated Risk and All The King's Men, both at Espionage and both with some very good moments.

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