Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I've never watched The Apprentice before this year and I only came into this series half way through. However, I've seen it a few times in a row now and I can see why people get hooked.

Tonight the two teams each had to run an open top bus tour around London. Here are some facts I learned from Jamie, one of the smuggest men in the land:

- To our left is the Thames, the second biggest river in London

- Up ahead Big Ben. The face of the clock is twenty diameters in width.

- See the building up ahead that looks like a gherkin? That’s called the gherkin…

Meanwhile Stuart Baggs, the guy you've probably heard people talking incredulously about in your place of work, stayed in tonight on the basis of a plea to Alan Sugar that included the line "I'm not just a one trick pony! I've got a whole field of ponies!"

Naturally Twitter was in spasms, not least because as @profanityswan pointed out, the man "has all the business acumen of a combine harvester." I guess that's the way to impress the aristocracy these days.


  1. As you're new to the programme, you won't be fully aware of the "interview round", which happens next week. Various of Lord Sugar's biggest, toughest business pals conduct job interviews with the candidates on a one-to-one basis. Before the interview takes place they scrupulously research every word of the CVs which the candidates submitted as part of the application process for the programme. Any discrepancies are then ruthlessly exposed, in a way that ensures maximum squirming embarrassment for the contestants, and maximum cringing enjoyment for the viewing public.

    If Stuart Baggs is indeed "too good to be true", as Alan Sugar suggested in the boardroom last night, then the producers would not have wanted to see him kicked off immediately before the interview episode.

  2. Despite the raw cynicism of that move, sounds like fantastic television...