Friday, 24 December 2010

Tis The Season

Merry Christmas Eve!

I celebrated the season by writing a guest post on somebody else's blog. HA.

It can be read here, and you should read the rest of the site too because it's interesting and well written and frankly, there isn't enough of that on the internet.

In other news, innocently turning around to see this lurking under a pile of clothes is one of the perils of living with a Doctor Who fan:

Shat me right up.


  1. I just came over here from billygean's blog... waaaaaaaaaah! daddy long legs!!!!! :-(

  2. Sorry about that... I don't make a habit of dispensing trauma willy nilly. Unless you're frightened of daddy long legses, I suppose.

  3. Thanks for doing the post, it's great :o)


  4. No worries, thanks for having me!