Wednesday, 16 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Four

Today I am asked for a song that makes me feel sad.

In the same way that some women cry over a pair of beautiful shoes* I have been known to get a bit emotional over Billy, Don't Be A Hero. And REM's Everybody Hurts, although I feel that was cheapened by the Haiti fundraiser, when Simon Cowell apparently didn't understand the lyrics of the song and essentially suggested they should all buck up. One, by Metallica, tugs at the heartstrings for a couple of different reasons; and Knocking on Heaven's Door can be pretty traumatic if you're feeling tired and emotional.

But whilst all of those are devastating in their own way, there's nothing quite like Bonnie Tyler wailing IT'S A HEARTACHE! NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE! LOVE HIM TILL YOUR ARMS BREAK! THEN HE LET'S YOU DOWN! And you know she means it, too.

*The same but entirely different. Who doesn't get teary over shoes from time to time?

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