Monday, 14 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Two

Today I'm required to post my least favourite song.

This is probably Mull of Kintyre by Wings, to be honest, but I blogged about that for Let's Get Lyrical not very long ago at all and it would be overkill to do it again.

I looked at some other people's hated tracks for inspiration, but they left me cold. One of my bezzies hates the nation's sweetheart, Cheryl Kerl - how could I possibly condone that?! Meanwhile a Google search for 'terrible songs' was shockingly unhelpful.

Then all of a sudden, I remembered the existence of Simply Red! I was a little bit sick in my mouth of course, but on recovering all I had to do was decide which of their songs was the worst. Which only took about 0.1 seconds in all honesty - for me, Fairground was the runaway winner. Of all the things that might inspire fear / hatred of Mick Hucknall, this video is the one that does it for me.

I hated it when it was released in 1995, when I was ten years old and its 4 weeks at number 1 seemed interminable (I listened to the radio a lot at that age, particularly the Top 40); and I don't like it any better now. Eurgh.


  1. The still before you play the video is genuinely terrifying. So much so that I refuse to actually play the video. I can't see it being any better in motion...

  2. you're right to think that. It isn't. He's a bit like a scary witch.