Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Edinburgh Skyline

No sketch today, as I was out from 8.45am till about 10pm and therefore didn't do one. Here instead is a work in progress from my evening class, which looks quite cool when viewed big-like on a fancy screen. My computer deleted some of the layers though, so the colour isn't how I intended... Sucks boo. Nevertheless , it incorporates my very own brushes what I made, and other techniques that I forgot almost instantly.

In other news, here is the latest on that Guardian beatblog I was banging on about in November. It seems that the people they chose all have training in journalism. Despite a journalism qualification not being essential. Harrumph. The Edinburgh guy has quite a lot of video experience though which should make for an interesting multimedia site. He probably scores more than 2 for journalistic flair as well...

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