Monday, 8 February 2010

Pie In The Sky

Today's nonsense is a quick wee pencil drawing of Captain Tact's rather pretty acoustic bass.

I also feel the urge to highlight the reasoning behind this sketch a day malarkey.

I'm doing it partly to keep me sane, by giving me a concrete daily goal to achieve that is separate from my work.

However I have also been toying with the idea of using that fifth year of SAAS funding to do something constructive, and some kind of art related HND/HNC is a consideration. I did apply to do Illustration at DJCAD at the same time as my university applications, and I did get an unconditional offer. At the time I decided Dundee was just that little bit too close to home and opted for a degree in English at Saint Andrews. Which then became a History degree. I am nothing if not consistent...

Anyway, an arty qualification could potentially open doors to me that are currently jammed shut, with one of those snake shaped draft excluders wedged underneath from the other side so there's just no way you'll be able to push it open. Other qualifications I am wondering about are marketing, which seems to be featuring in a lot of recent communications-related vacancies, or maybe some sort of journalism course.

So essentially, the sketches are like, a visual metaphor for my plans of escape. Yeah? I am très deep. Like when you go to the beach and try to dig a hole to Australia.

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