Sunday, 14 February 2010

That Gig

Cancel the Astronauts are probably your new favourite band, and not just cause they make a lot of their music available to download for free off (although that works in their favour). But in addition to this, you see, their fast paced indie pop stylings are mixed with a sense of humour and some excellent dance moves. Braw.

"Anybody going to see Hot Chip tonight? .... Anybody get tickets to see Hot Chip tonight forgetting their own band was playing?!"

A squiggly photo taken on night mode as I didn't want to be the pranny distracting everybody concerned by taking photos with the flash when I was about a foot away from the band. And most other people in the room. The Wee Red Bar is not so much a clever name, it's more a very small bar that's been painted red.

Who or what are Babygod? Reactions on Saturday were mixed. Matt from the Astros introduced them as 'the best band in Scotland today'. Captain Tact pronounced them 'tantalisingly mediocre'. Personally, I spent a large chunk of the set trying to work out who they reminded me of. There was a whisper of early Manics in there, and a bit of Sons and Daughters, but that was as far as I got. Essentially they are a band of many parts, and opinion at this gig was divided on whether there's any point putting all those parts together in one place. This could be because they're so different from the other bands on the bill, which had a very jarring effect. The last song, Throw it on the Fire, was nice though.

Night mode picture of the drummer. The band are actually worth a watch for him alone - he's utterly fascinating.

"He looks surprised every time he hits the snare..."
- El Capitan

Kid Canaveral's first full length album is out this year, hooray! This is one of the tracks on there, although once again you must make allowances for the crappiness of my camera work and the low quality sound you get filming on a wee digital snapper.

They kicked off their set with the ridiculously catchy Good Morning (available as a free download here) and stomped their way through a set consisting almost entirely of other ridiculously catchy tunes, including Second Time Around, Couldn't Dance and Smash Hits, to name but three. It's getting on for six years since I first saw them in the students' union in St Andrews, but over that time they've constantly evolved their sound and they've yet to disappoint. Suck on that, Slipknot.

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