Wednesday, 10 February 2010

You lookin' at ma eye?!

Mega quick sketch of my eye.

Today was a wee bit manic* at work, but instead of stressing I merely found myself retreating inwardly, like an introverted animal - maybe a snail or hermit crab. Something with a protective shell fashioned out of cynicism and bitter experience. Essentially I think I am gradually becoming immune to things that used to make me very angry or upset.** Is this a good thing or is it bad? Time will tell.

*we had the arsonists, the kid who threw a (stolen) bottle of hair gel at me last week for confiscating its lighter, and the only young person to ever get a lifetime ban. This happened before I started, but I gather was due to said child being an all-round evil delinquent. Anyhoo they were there, about 20 other kids were there, the polis were there.. It was a hoot.

**See old journal.

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