Sunday, 20 June 2010

Behind The Veil

It would seem that the past three posts have all been photos of my ever increasing book collection. I will only ever be able to read through this mountain if I somehow become housebound for a prolonged period of time, or retire.

Anyhoo, today you can have a dragon in a bride's dress.

This is part of a window display in a Marie Curie shop in Newington. I think it's brilliant. Took a full length pic too but this portrays the expression of the dragon better.

If you donated your wedding dress to a charity shop, would you be pleased or peeved if this is what they did with it? I suppose if you're getting rid, chances are the marriage went a bit wrong and you mightn't give a toss. There again is it not suggesting the owner was responsible for the breakdown of the relationship because she was a bit of a dragon? Surely that's offensive.

I suspect someone in the shop probably just thought it'd look funny. Would love to know who donated the dragon though.

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