Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Health and Safety

Our landlord doesn't much care for fixing stuff. I don't even want to contemplate the fridge, which was on its last legs way before we moved in. But I have to say, the buzzer is a genuine cause for concern. The sign pretty much explains why.

In unrelated news, an entertaining article combining gaming and Who can be found here.

Meanwhile a vitriolic letter to someone who rejected me out of hand for a job advertised as something it wasn't is on my other blog, here.


  1. Epic letter Ali! And you're definitely 'too creative' for telesales ;) xxx

  2. Thanks! Well I like to think so, but what they advertised was an admin support role at 18k. Which to be honest sounded do-able! But it transpired the admin is for 12 months and then they expect you to go into sales, and stay there for at least 5 years or it isn't worth their while training you. As my maw pointed out, even the army don't demand five years of your time upfront when you sign up...