Monday, 28 June 2010

Shouting At Wildlife

Do you remember indie? Do you remember pop? Try new indie pop, revived for your pleasure by the infectiously cheery Kid Canaveral.

In the last couple of weeks their debut LP, Shouting At Wildlife, has been described in the Record as the one album you should buy this year by a band you don't know, Vic Galloway has made it album of the month on his BBC Radio 1 show, The List have given it 4 stars, and lets not even mention the blogging world (although Peenko has a track by track chat with the band here and 17 Seconds speaks to them here, which is nice. Oh, and here's a review by Fire Escape Talking).

So is there really any need for me to throw in my two cents? Of course not. But I shall.

They've got synths! They've got la's! They've got catchy hooks! They've got amazing cover art for the CD courtesy of Glasgow-based graphic designer Eve McConnachie!

There are happy songs, then some more serious stuff as if to prove there are hidden depths beneath the pop perfection swirling on the surface. I'd probably have been quite happy with a whole album of 'Cursing Your Apples', but I was surprised and excited by tracks like 'Quiet Things Are Quiet Now', which is unlike anything I've heard from Kid C before, as well as the distinctly 80s tinted 'Talk and Talk'.

You can pre-order the CD here, which you ought to do because it will make you totally cool. And happy. Then you should come to the album launch at The Roxy Art House. The tickets are on playing cards, for crying out loud! That's reason enough, surely?

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