Thursday, 10 June 2010


And the flowers are soggy.

A day in the life of me.

Go to get papers on my way to work. World weary proprietor tells man queuing in front of me "it's no time yet! It's only 9.30!" Man staggers blinking and confused into sunlight. He smells a bit boozy.

Arrive in library. Staff loos smell of raw sewage after some work on the drains. Mmmmm.

I scrub permanent marker graffiti off kids' craft table. My main problem with it is the illiteracy. Willys is plural! It requires an ie! And there's a c in suk. Fools.

Colleague from another branch who I have met on several occasions appears and introduces himself to me again, claiming we have never met.

Having organised a visit from an outside agency for them, none of my primary aged reading group turn up. And none of them bother to let me know till I've been sitting waiting on them in the school library for fifteen minutes. Myself and colleague eat their strawberries.

Get home to find Barrington Stoke have sent me a book and a load of info for me to review, a mere three days after I initially emailed them. Hooray!

I am the only member of my flat to witness a Shetland pony playing hockey on America's Got Talent. Shame.

"And on those lonely adolescent nights, I'd weep into a pair of stolen tights." - Alan Moore, Promethea

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