Friday, 16 July 2010

Moving With The Times

After somewhere in the region of 6-8 months of umm-ing and ahh-ing, I have purchased an iPhone 3Gs. This is on the grounds that if I want to be a proper social-media node, I need to have the capacity to read and upload breaking news as I sees it.

The main thing that swayed me was the newest deal from 3, and the offer of financial aid as a birthday gift from my lovely parents.

So I phoned o2 for the PAC code as I wanted to keep my current number, and spoke to a chap who was phenomenally pissed off with me for picking the cheaper deal.

"I can't give you any direct comparisons," he seethed, "but like, there is a reason why they're cheaper, you know? Like with us you get UK only call centres, better coverage..."

That's as may be, but you're offering half the amount of data, 400 fewer minutes, and charging £60 more for the handset...

"All I would say to you is just phone up their customer service and just compare the difference between us."

"OK," I said truthfully, given I was going to call them anyway in order to give them the PAC code.

"And you've got 14 days to opt out, which is something," he closed darkly.

Next I phoned Winston in India. Well, he had an Indian accent, he might have been in Livingston for all I know. The call took longer to get through than the one to 02, as if trying to prove angry o2 man's point. But when I got through dear old Winston was ever so nice and polite. He asked me how I was not once, but twice. And he claims my number will be transferred by Tuesday.

The ball is in your court, Winston. Use it wisely, lest angry o2 man get the last, bitter laugh.

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