Monday, 5 April 2010

A Cause

We all know that the only way to make a difference in the world today is to join a Facebook group.

It is with that in mind I would like to draw your attention to the campaign to get Half Man Half Biscuit's seminal track Joy Division Oven Gloves to number 6 in the charts, to highlight the plight of the soon to be closed 6music. If you click on my Joy Division Oven Glove below, it will take you to a Facebook event on this subject.

Alternatively the information on said page runs thus:

Download the song from amazon, iTunes, tunetribe or play between RIGHT NOW and April 11 2010 and help it get to number 6 in the Top 40.

Fill in the BBC Strategy Review survey. It's comparatively involved, ie it will ask you for your actual views rather than merely box-ticking.

Sign the petition to save 6music.

Listen to 6music and tell everyone else you know to do the same.

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