Thursday, 15 April 2010


This is what my twitter feed has been doing for the last 90 minutes.

@milnemedia Wonder if we could do live mash-up of #leadersdebate on ITV with Outnumbered on BBC 1 at 9.30pm? Now THAT would be compelling.

@iainmhepburn Next on ITV #leadersdebate, your chance to win everything mentioned on the show so far: a pub, cash, a 40-year-old black man, drugs, a car..

@aeonofdiscord I'm glad you're not making things up, David. That wouldn't help at all.

"...where a child produced a knife in school". Cameron: tough on metalwork, tough on the causes of metalwork.

@sinisterpics David Cameron is amazing, I've never seen someone who looks like a bald man with hair.


@aeonofdiscord David threatens to nuke Iran

@aagb1884 And we can't use Google maps to find out where to bomb. Nightmare.

@fragmad David Cameron looks like a Doctor Who monster that's shat itself.

@megpickard Every time Brown or Cameron trots out another convenient anecdote, I find myself shouting "DIDN'T HAPPEN" at the screen

@foodiesarah Going to go to bed feeling v isolated having never been visited by Brown, Cameron or Clegg. Why, why, why?

@AIannuci Brown: 'There are 6million carers in this country. I've met many of them.'

@paulwaugh Can't wait for Clegg to say "I agree with Nick...Oh Christ, I AM Nick..."

@paul_cornell Clegg's won, mainly 'cos he can literally say anything he likes. Gordon won the serious stuff. Great event, hope it makes people vote.

@aagb1884 Gordon was doing so well until he basically said 'I hope all the slow people understood the long words'

@mrchrisaddison "Choose hope over fear?" Oh, Christ. He so wants to be Obama. I wouldn't be surprised if he blacked up for the next one.

@warrenellis Well, that was a loathesome fucking experience. I'm going back to work, with hate in my very balls

So yes. Clegg presented himself in the best light, Brown did better than I expected, and Cameron is a fanny. IMHO.

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