Thursday, 22 April 2010

Politics: The Sequel

A lot of the people I follow on Twitter are at the Scottish Press Awards tonight. But some of the more vocal ones have been watching leaders debate round two...

@AIanucci -
Now's the time to burgle Nick Clegg's house.

@Paul_Cornell -
Cameron talking to camera tonight, not to studio audience as last time. I do like this format: no applause really shapes it.

@charltonbrooker - The set looks like a collection of sawn-off BA tailfins.

@AIanucci - There'll be a headline in tomorrow's Mail about how Clegg's mother met the Nazis

@mrchrisaddison - Clegg plays anti-paedophile card as pro-European argument. That should confuse the Daily Mail.

@AIanucci - Comedy! Big laughs at 'nutters'. Then Brown. Cameron now needs a zinger or he's the worst politician since Chamberlain

@mrchrisaddison - "I have been to Afghanistan a few times. Every time you're blown away." Nice phrasing, Dave.

@charltonbrooker - Great jogging anecdote from Cameron there.

@viceuk - What the hell is Gordon doing with his mouth?

@aeonofdiscord -
Securing our future, for the future, which we know will come, tomorrow.

@charltonbrooker - How about giving each of us an actual trident?

@Banderbear91 - Well in 40 years time the world will look very different if nukes get involved

@viceuk - Why does Brown crack up every time someone interrupts him, and why is he so pleased with 'going on trains all the time'

@mrchrisaddison - Cameron's purple tie, if you're wondering, is because he is still technically in mourning for Queen Victoria.

@mrchrisaddison - Ooh, no tax on freight planes. We didn't know that. That's a canny factbomb right there.

@AIannucci - Brown says 'guys and girls'. Could be tarred with the Saville brush, which is a minefield.

@charltonbrooker - Cameron should come back from that 'hanging out with climate denialists' zinger by pointing out that some of his best friends are climates.

@aeonofdiscord - 'I'm not a man of faith, but my wife is.'

@charltonbrooker - They should all prove how homophobic they're not by forming a daisy chain, right now.

@AIannucci - Brown: 'I was speaking to young people only yesterday.'

@MitchBenn - ... and we're blaming single mothers. Welcome to the 80s.


@mrchrisaddison - "Women, and you are one of them." Gordon's good eye working fine tonight.

@JeremyJHardy - Cameron is banging on about expenses when he used taxpayers' money to remove a unicorn from his family crest.

@simonpegg - David Cameron just told an 84 year old woman he was going to do something in 2016.

@gregoryclark1 -
this is the worst kraftwerk gig ever!

@charltonbrooker -
If it's disgraceful to frighten people in an election campaign, why all the hung parliament scaremongering?

@aeonofdiscord -
I drove the economy ALL THE WAY through this recession and NOBODY SAID THANK YOU.

@AIannucci - Just time for the funny question at the end.

@mrchrisaddison -
Question on immigration from immigrant. Wasn't expecting that from Sky.

@pictishtrail -
I fucking fucking HATE Jeremy Clarkson.

@mrchrisaddison - "No unskilled worker from outside Europe can enter our country." Yep, clinging onto the bottom of a lorry is quite a skill.

@AIannucci - Nick Clegg going after criminal gangs would be quite a good Sunday night drama.

@aeonofdiscord - Gripping this problem, gently but firmly, like a warm artichoke.

@mrchrisaddison - "You can't deport 900,000 people - you don't know where they live." That's genuinely funny.

@charltonbrooker - Next time, to provide a dramatic visual metaphor for 'change' from the old style of politics, Cameron should turn up dressed as a bee.

@Paul_Cornell - I like Gordon breaking from 'let's all work together' and attacking.

@aeonofdiscord - NC: 'Something really exciting is beginning to happen: me.'

@viceuk - Clegg reminds me of my dad when I was 8 and found his porn. "you don't need to tell your mum, we're pals, right?"

@JeremyJHardy - I made that up about the family crest. But you can lie about Tories because there is a higher truth: they're cunts.

@JeremyJHardy - They're saying Cameron won the debate! He looked like a puppy surprised by it's own farts.

@charltonbrooker - Can't wait for the YouGov poll proving the existence of unicorns.

@simonblackwell - It's a dangerous game YouGov/Sky/The Sun are playing, surely? To misreport something that 10m people have just watched with their own eyes.

@carriequinlan - So, the pollsters that are employed by Murdoch's The Sun are being reported by Murdoch's Sky as saying Cameron won. Right.

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