Thursday, 29 April 2010

Leaders Debate III : Lead Harder

The third in the trilogy. Tonight was about the economy and stuff.

"We've got to start making things again in this country." Um. I'm sorry. Didn't you destroy the manufacturing base in the 80s?

Double Dip Recession sounds like a grim economic porn movie

@viceuk Brown's mouth is going nuts! He's like a beleagured carp...

@warrenellis Someone has polished David Cameron's chin into a shining Failure Bump

Sky poll just in! David Cameron won the debate!


@mrchrisaddison "I've had enough people in tears in my office..." Clegg trying to be more like Gordon Brown.

@viceuk Everyone under 25 will be given a job Gordon? What are they all gonna do? Massage your face?

Clegg wants to get criminals into the hands of the taxman. Not the police.

Cameron: "I will personally shave all your mothers." - Another impossible promise...

I am angered by the unemployment stuff. Giving young people from deprived backgrounds a better chance of employment is great, but you've got a middle class of graduates on your hands who are utterly fucked.

Cameron keeps going on about forcing people to take jobs when they are offered, but what jobs are these? It took me 6 months to get a fairly average position starting on 11k, after graduating from The University of St Andrews with a 2:1 and a raft of extra curricular experience.

I know young people through my work who have spent the past 16 months trying to get apprenticeships of the type Brown is advocating, and failing because they are incredibly competitive and there just aren't enough of them. The last time the library service advertised, ostensibly for the two posts of full and part time library assistant, they got over 450 applications.

Where are these jobs people must be forced to take?

@samjordison When born millionaires like David Cameron talk about working hard and saving, I do sick in my hand.

@iainmhepburn So, who was the winner tonight? Fulham, clearly.

@davidschneider Turn your mike off now, Gordon. Turn it off. Turn it off!!

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