Sunday, 9 January 2011

Yarn Thief

A fellow writer brought a short story competition to my attention via her blog, so now rather than writing Caligula's Blog for the 12 Books in 12 Months project (which you can now 'like' on facebook, by the way), I have turned my attention to idly bashing out nonsensical flash fiction. I've written three 100 word stories in the past half hour. Not the plan I had, but it might be good in terms of updating here...

“LOVE KNITTING?!” The Facebook sidebar silently screams. “SHOW IT OFF WITH T-SHIRTS, STICKERS AND MUGS!”

Surely the best way to showcase my passion is to be seen about town, needles and wool in hand?

I journey forth, lugging a bag of odds and ends I intend to fashion into a scarf. A ball of dusky orange falls from the pile and rolls slowly down the hill, stopping at the feet of an OAP. She picks it up, waves her thanks, and disappears.

Barely discernable from this distance, her t-shirt reads, “I HEART KNITTING.”

Can’t believe it. Bitch stole my yarn.

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