Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Gig Review In Text Message Format

8pm. Crap. Got there late and missed Sea Bass Kid.

8.05pm Sneaky Pete's is a ridiculous venue. What's that mahoosive pillar all about? And the lowest average temperature of one of those incubators you hatch chicks in.

8.10pm OMG tiny person transporting drinks! I feel like a giant!


Cancel the Astronauts have some proper elbow dancers down the front. Kudos.

Our view of Cancel the Astronauts.

Keyboardist just had to tape his synth back together, but band carried on like nothing was wrong. Consummate professionals. Well, they seemed to. Can only see their heads from here.


Futuristic Retro Champions = Synth Tastic fun. Whispers of Letters to Cleo in the vocals. But Scottish.

Our view of the Futuristic Retro Champions.

10.20pm "Am I the only one who remembers
Come on Gang being a lot better than this?" - CT ... still draw a hell of a crowd though. I thought they had split up for some reason.

Our main view of Come on Gang.

Turns out they were playing almost exclusively new stuff ... it'll probably grow on us.
Fortune Favours the Brave FTW!

In summary, then:

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