Friday, 15 January 2010

Overheard On The Bus

Two American men on a number 8 bus.

One: Oh hey, I haven't seen you in ages, I didn't know you were on the bus.
Two: Hi there.
One: Were you at the bus stahp? I did naht see you at the bus stop.
Two: Yuh. I didn't see you there either.
One: I guess it was quite a crowd down there wasn't it?
Two: Sure was busy.
One: And they never queue in Britain.
Two: No.
One: I think they should have a sign or something.

Both laugh inanely. I tune out.

EVERYONE knows the queuing system for Edinburgh buses, its very simple. You stand basically anywhere around the general vicinity of the bus stop, and everyone takes a mental note (via the medium of glancing about out the corner of their eyes so as not to have to meet the gaze of a stranger) of who got there when. Then when the bus tuns up you get on in the rough order of who has been waiting longest, allowing elderly people to queue jump because we were all brung up proper. What need have we for signs?

Later on I accidentally started listening again and they were discussing the difficulties of making a courgette carbonara. Lame.

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