Sunday, 3 January 2010

They Took Our Jerbs

Today I took a multiple choice quiz on totaljobs to find out what sorts of things I should be applying for. It came up with a summary of my working style, which was this:

"Your style is characterised by independence and a drive to maintain your free spirit in your dealings with people and events. You are warm and enthusiastic but you tend to hide your light, being fairly introverted, not really needing other people. Other people find it difficult to understand you but nevertheless are attracted to you, seeing enviable glimpses of your true character.

You judge things according to your values, taking little note of the preferences of others. In a choice of career it will be important to you to clarify for yourself the choices that are open and the implications they have with respect to your values. In the right place with the right people and work you can be intensely loyal. In this sense it is important to you to believe in the work you undertake; that will improve your performance many fold."

I take exception to the ignoring other people’s preferences part, because over the last year I’ve gotten quite good at factoring in what other people want to do / want me to do and creating entire projects round it. But other than that it seems spookily accurate for a quiz that consists entirely of ticky boxes…

Anyway the upshot of all this is that I would be alright in sales, service (including retail) and social work, but would suck at engineering, computer programming, or anything scientific. Curses! I have been deluding myself for so long into thinking that I can become an IT guy irrespective of my complete void of interest and/or knowledge! Still, better to find out now than continue down the road of applying for voluntary posts on the large hadron collider. I see now that was a silly plan.

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