Wednesday, 6 January 2010


First day back at work was also my first anniversary of starting the job. To celebrate, one of the teenagers decided me and the boss are an item and dedicated his Guitar Hero performance of Welcome to the Jungle to our blossoming love. He was pretty gash, but it's the feeling behind it that counts. Like punk.

But young people are foolish, and do not think outside of the library. For when I got home, Captain Tact spent several hours waiting patiently for me to eat a chocolate penguin and finish a job application. Then at 11.15pm he accompanied me in negotiating the icy bitch that is Dundas Street so that I could hand deliver it (the deadline is 10am tomorrow and some people still don't accept email applications.). That is true dedication, and proof (if proof were needed) of which side my eggs are buttered on.

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