Friday, 22 January 2010


This is a lazy piece of spam if ever I saw one.

Your Email id have been choosen by the BAT Company to receive a grant prizeof 1,000,000 GBP. Please fill the contact form given below.. FILL NAME:,ADDRESS:, PHONE NO.:, COUNTRY:

No exposition a la "I am a Nigerian prince" or "I have a terminal illness but many savings" or "there's been a screw up at the bank I work for and together we may reap the rewards"... Just 'send your personal details to a complete stranger now, kthxbye!’

The BAT Company (that’s British American Tobacco, acronym haters) have been careful to stipulate on their website that such emails really aren’t actually from them (for those people who thought tobacco 2009 at hawamail dot com was a legit company email address and that spelling and grammar are the sort of thing an enormous corporation ignores in official correspondence about giving away large sums of money to randoms who have probably never even heard of them).

Apparently “The emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their appearance, sometimes using our company trademarks and names of senior executives.” That being the case, I’m guessing mine was an early one…

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