Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Evil Genius

My knees are sore, and crunchy. I suspect this is not a good thing.

Nobody in the Eurovision semis seems to be suffering from crunchy knees. Lack of talent, maybe, and ill conceived costume ideas, but their knees largely appear intact. So it is decided, next year I will enter for Britain, and then my knees will be fixed, and I will be able to joggle round Inverleith Park without deep seated fear of self-inflicted arthritis.

In other news, some of the young persons at work did a good prank. They put an advert for a car on Gumtree with the library phone number on it, so we have spent most of the day fielding calls from confused men wanting to buy a Golf GTI. It's the cleverest thing any of them have done since I started.

"This would win a talent contest in St Andrews. And I do not mean that as a compliment." - Captain Tact on the Belgian Eurovision entry


  1. Incidentally the winner of the Frank Muir prize totally did not deserve it. And is vaguely terrifying.


  2. I remember when I came third in the Frank Muir prize. Hilarious, I was. I will quiz you on this the morn but that URL isn't working for me.