Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Into The Smoke


This post is a bit of a generic round up of stuff. Firstly I would like to draw your attention to Edinburgh-based illustrator Mina Braun. I like her pretty pictures. Maybe you will too.

Secondly I got an A for my first assignment in my long distance journalism course, which cheered me up a lot so I am telling everybody. Hooray!

Thirdly, The Edinburgh Reporter now has a games column. How futuristic is that?!

Fourthly, today's review-like item on last.fm is about the best thing to come out of The East Neuk since that famous badger, The Pictish Trail.

Finally, read Alan Bissett. He only has three books out so it won't take too long, and it will be worth it because he is good. I heard that you can appropriate said books from Edinburgh's excellent library service, but that might be myth and/or legend.

"I am in as the DJ, one of those wannabe Fatboy Slims, does theatrical turns on the deck and shouts 'lemme hear ya say yeaaaaahh!' in the style of a fire alarm sending terror through an orphanage." - Boyracers, Alan Bissett

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