Wednesday, 26 May 2010

People Are Idiots

There is a blog called 'How To Write Badly Well' which is generally amusing and occasionally inspired. I liked this entry.

Other than that, is there anything more annoying than getting to a pedestrian crossing with about eight people standing around waiting for the green man to happen, yet none of them has pressed the button to make it so?

Pedestrian crossings are not a Jedi mind trick. Sure, you can stand about attempting to use the force to make the lights change. But you'll look like a tool, and eventually you will succumb to a sense of crippling failure.

Neither is there a process of osmosis at work here. There is no permeable membrane that will allow you to pass through when there is a high enough concentration of would-be road crossers. What there is, right, is a convenient button on a post, and when you press it an electrical signal is sent that makes the lights change. Then the big metal car monsters stop, and you see the magical glowing green guy in the air, and may continue safely on your travels.

Is that really so hard?

1 comment:

  1. ...and if you're lucky you'll also hear a high pitched beeping to guide you towards the other side.

    Hey chickens mastered it! x