Sunday, 16 May 2010


If you're going to accidentally watch some shit TV, why not make it Fat Families on Sky 1.

It's on after Futurama, and the opening credits alone make it worth the journey. They feature the host, Steve Miller, wrestling a bowl of crisps from an overweight lady and punching a cake.

I don't really know who Steve Miller is, but I assume he has some kind of fat past that qualifies him to make this programme. He's the Jeremy Kyle of weight loss, screaming at people to sort themselves out but with the added bonus of chucking junk food about their gardens to prove his point. His opening line in today's episode was: "WATCH OUT FATTIES, THE LARD POLICE ARE IN TOWN!"

Cunningly, the utter lack of political correctness/empathy/soul is disguised as being 'no nonsense', so he continues to be incredibly rude for the duration. But the participants lose a couple of stone each, proving that insults and abuse totally work. Hooray!

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