Monday, 3 May 2010

I Wish You'd Sing One Little Song

I am going to try and review all the albums I own.

Having written that down I realise how ridiculous it is. It might not seem silly to you, but that would make you a person who has seen my neither my CD collection nor my hard drive. My music collection is a culmination of about fifteen year's worth of stuff amassed by me, friends, family and passing strangers. It goes from Abba to Frank Zappa via the Dead Kennedys and Explosions in the Sky; skiffing past Meat Loaf and Manu Chao, The Go! Team and Gogol Bordello. Lots of bits and pieces in there, essentially.

OK. I am going to try and review a large selection of the albums I own, over on Today's one is Panic! At The Disco. That's right. I don't necessarily have a monopoly on taste.

'O Mr. Daddy Long-legs,'
Said Mr. Floppy Fly,
'I wish you'd sing one little song!
One mumbian melody!
You used to sing so awful well
In former days gone by,
But now you never sing at all;
I wish you'd tell me why:
For if you would, the silvery sound
Would please the shrimps and cockles round,
And all the crabs would gladly come
To hear you sing, "Ah, hum di Hum"!'

- The Daddy Long Legs and the Fly, Edward Lear


  1. Hey everyone has skeletons in their closet musically and I remember the boy band phase!


  2. Mmm, sweet sweet Boyzone. And 911. And the Backstreet Boys... Did you know I also owned Gary Barlow's solo album? I AM NOT ASHAMED. Much.xx