Monday, 7 February 2011

The River City Blog #4 and #5

I'll be honest with you, I missed a couple of episodes of River City whilst I was writing Caligula's Blog. And because I'm the only viewer, the BBC only has one episode up on iPlayer at a time, so I missed my opportunities to catch up.

As far as I can gather, the Burns Night episode (which should have formed the basis of blog #4) featured DI Fraser out of Taggart guest starring as an MSP or something. He accidentally offended Scarlett by thinking she had breast cancer rather than ovarian, so she shouted at him, went back to work, and celebrated her re-found independence by getting her husband to help shave her head. I know that's what I'd do in her situation.

Meanwhile angry soldier Leo is addicted to prescription drugs, so stole Leyla's keys in order to get some more from the GP Surgery; and mad Ruth is still being mad and husband Andy (who she only married about three months ago) will almost definitely leave her for a new life in Dubai next time cause he can't cope with all the crazy. I empathise to a degree - she is awful. But you ought to have checked that out before you got hitched, fool.

I am sort of glad I missed last week's (#5), because it looks as though they tried to get Ruth the sympathy vote, and frankly she's about as empathetic as the EDL. Andy accepted the job in Dubai, to which her response was to declare their marriage over in order to make him stay. He called her bluff, she regretted it but was slightly too late in trying to fix things, there was soul searching, and FINALLY some other people noticed that she's unhinged.

However, as if making up for lost time, they took it too far the other way and had her sectioned for drugging her little girl. She may be irritating but she hasn't been doing that - the missing drugs are being taken by AWOL soldier and general reprobate Leo. Which all sounds quite harrowing, so to cheer things up there was also a subplot where Wee Boab tried to get Robbie the Big Gay Hairdresser in trouble with Deek by hiding an MP3 player...

Yeah, fair play BBC, leaving it up for as long as a week is above and beyond the call of duty.

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