Sunday, 6 February 2011


Dear internet,

Any of you guys know why this post on my other blog would be attracting lots of spam? Because it's had 30 or 40 spam comments since I posted it.

Here are some favourites:

- You truly have a gift for reasoning and communicating a thurough understanding of the world of sugar /body dynamics… Thank you… Your videos will help me to hopefully get healthier!

'Thurough' you say? Thanks. Recent videos I posted included this one on how not to dance, and the one for Amanda Palmer's new single.

- I love your transitions and lucidity. I have been writing for Ghost Writers for a while now, and they pay me good to write blog posts like this, or content articles. I clear $100-$200 on a awful morning. Judging by your skill with the english language, you may enjoy doing the same.

You may have noticed that the post in question is a short paragraph telling people to click on a link to an article I wrote for The Edinburgh Reporter. It's lucid enough, I suppose, but hardly the greatest literary feat ever accomplished. I wouldn't cite it on a CV as an example of my command of English, anyway.

The other one I enjoyed today had no text, but was posted by the Secret horses club on the subject of a Horse Genetics Calculator. You might be better off visiting if that's your bag, though. I'm not re-posting the link they left me.

So, any thoughts on what I did there?!

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