Friday, 18 February 2011

The Royal Wedding

So, what's your view on the impending Willikate nuptials? Perhaps you are upset at the prospect of their fancy pants wedding being paid for by our hard earned public money? Or maybe you're just chuffed at the prospect of getting an extra day off this year?

I hadn't thought about it overly much, other than to make slightly disapproving noises that they aren't getting married in Sallies Chapel in St Andrews as per the tradition of couples who meet in the hallowed halls. But I guess Westminster Abbey is a bit better for the number of guests they'll probably have.

Today I thought about it for a couple more minutes, because I got the following message on Facebook.

Hi there,
I am writing a feature on the Royal Wedding for a magazine in Austria. As you studied in St. Andrews I just have one or two questions:
Have you ever met Prince William or Kate Middleton during your studies?
if there is any chance although you didn't take a class with him maybe you have heard of others about the issues I am interested in. I wouldn't even mention your name, it is just to polisdh up the article a little bit:
Do you know if he was a normal student or did he want any special treatment? any funny anecdotes you heard/saw during his time at St. Andrews?
Have you heard of others why he did choose Kate and if they were attracted to each other from the beginning:))) Thanks sooo much

'Buh?' I went.

Do you have ANY notion how many people study at St Andrews every year? I mean, I haven't the faintest idea, but there are a lot. It is a small town, granted, but we don't all hang out together all the time. That pair were in their final year when I started, as well as being 800 million social classes above me. The likelihood of us hanging out in the same places are not high. They don't seem the RockSoc type, frankly.

The best - and indeed only - anecdote I have about William in St Andrews is that a mate of my sister once saw him buying a lottery ticket in Tesco. This is mildly amusing, on account of leading to wild speculation on what someone with an enormous personal fortune might do if they won a couple of million quid on the lottery. Blow it all on hats, maybe. I have also heard through friends of friends that Kate Middleton 'seemed very nice,' which is lovely, but somehow I don't think is the calibre of gossip required.

Good luck, mysterious Austrian journo. Mayhap you sent this message to some worthier targets than I.


  1. One of the fellas Andy used to work with said that he had once had to turn him and his entourage away from Howies because all the tables were full, and he came back on his own to let them know they had found a table elsewhere. Which is bemusing but quite nice...

  2. In Tescos? Dont they have a Waitrose in St Andrews or at a LEAST a Sainsburys?

    You should make up something outregous and wild about them and see what said said austrian journo publishes. lol.